1. How do I connect Apple Health with Achievement: 

Go to the Apps store, search "Achievement" app. Download app. Register for an Account: Please create login credentials with a valid email and a password. Once you login, go to Accounts Tab > Connect an App > Apple Health. Please be sure to switch ON data/activities to share on Achievement, then you will have successful connection. 

There is a step-by-step screenshot of an example of Apple Health connection. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. 

2. Apple Health is connected but not syncing data

Please be sure to check Account → Account & Apps → Manage Apps → Apple Health to ensure you are still connected. You can tap Manual sync to ensure that all data will sync. 

Open your Apple Health app → Sources → Achievement → Turn on any categories you would like to share:

3. Apple Health is NOT syncing all of my activities/ it’s counting my steps wrong… 

Activities may not always appear instantly on the Activities tab, some apps sync every 4-5 hours. Please allow up to 24 hours for activities to appear. If you believe they are still missing, go back to "Manage Apps" to ensure that Apple Health is still connected and synced. 

4. How is my data tracked through Achievement? 

All activities are gathered from connecting with different apps. Therefore, the supported activities you share with Apple Health will be what is shown on Achievement. We currently track exercise, sleep, and walking with Apple Health. Achievement does not directly track your activities. You can receive more points by connecting to multiple apps and sharing different activities with us. You can click here to read more about how to earn points. 

5. I have a new phone and Achievement no longer tracks my activities.

If you download the Achievement app with a new iPhone, Achievement will still be connected to your Apple Health app on your old phone. In most cases, Apple Health data is not included in the backup to a new device. Please disconnect Apple Health from Achievement and reconnect through your new phone to resolve this issue. Please be sure to also check your iPhone Settings > Health > Achievement > turn on categories you would like to share. You can also open your Apple Health app directly and tap 'Sources' > Achievement > turn on categories If you would like to backup your Apple Health data to a new phone, you can click here for help. You can view Apple Support's article on how to transfer content from a previous iOS device to new one by clicking here