1. How to connect Achievement App with Samsung Health: 

Go to the Google Playstore, search "Achievement" app. Download app. 

Register for an Account: Please create login credentials with a valid email and a password. Once you login, go to Accounts Tab > Connect an App > Samsung Health

Once both apps are connected go to back to "Accounts & Apps > "..." > "Manage Apps" and "Settings" > "ON" switch to allow access to share data/activities on Achievement, then you need to individually allow the types of activities you would like to share. Then you will have successful connection. Here is a step-by-step screenshot of an example of Samsung Health connection. 

2. Samsung Health is not loading/blank page/ continuous spooling:

If you notice that there is continual spooling or not loading the app correctly. Please close the Achievement app and try again. If this continues, please disconnect the app and try to reconnect with Samsung Health. 

3. Samsung is connected but not syncing data:

Please go to AccountAccounts & Apps →  Manage Apps →  Samsung Health →  Settings →  Please ensure you have selected the "ON" option to allow Achievement to sync activities from your Samsung Health app. Then you can individually choose which activities you would like to share with us. You must select at least one activity to sync with Achievement in order to connect Samsung Health with Achievement. 

4. Samsung is NOT syncing all of my activities/ it’s counting my steps wrong… 

Activities may not always appear instantly on the Activities tab, some apps sync every 4-5 hours. Please allow up to 24 hours for activities to appear. If you believe they are still missing, go back to "Manage Apps" to ensure that Samsung Health is still connected and synced. You can also manually sync Samsung Health to retrieve activities the next time it syncs.

5. How is my data tracked through Achievement? 

All activities are gathered from connecting with different apps. Therefore, the supported activities you share with Samsung Health will be what is shown on Achievement. We currently track exercise, sleep, and walking with Samsung Health. Achievement does not directly track your activities. You can receive more points by connecting to multiple apps and sharing different activities with us. You can click here to read more about how to earn points. 

6. Which Samsung Phones do you connect with? What is the latest software needed the app? 

The Achievement app usually runs on the most up-to-date operating systems. If you are able to find it through Google Playstore, that should mean that you are able to connect with your phone. If you are unable to connect your phone with the app, you can still join the Achievement community and earn points! You can create an account online through your web browser and connect your Account with other devices or apps like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal. 

7. How do I manually sync activities with Samsung Health? 

Activities can be manually synced to Achievement from the Samsung Health app and Apple Health app only. To manually sync your activities on Samsung Health, please go to the Activity tab → and then pull down on the Activity feed to refresh and manually sync activities. 

It will take up to 15 minutes for activities to sync with Achievement. Learn more about why activities may not sync with Achievement here.