We’re excited to share a new and improved Achievement! We’ve updated our name (just slightly) and a new look and feel to support it. 

After hearing directly from our community, we’re more committed than ever in supporting you towards the biggest reward of them all --- better health. That’s why we’re launching Offers and expanding the ways you can earn rewards and work towards your health goals. Offers is a destination for Achievers to find new, relevant point and cash earning opportunities. 

With our new name, we’ve updated our look/feel to make navigating on Achievement easier (and we now have an Android app +integration with Samsung Health, in addition to a fresh new iOS app!). While you continue to earn rewards for being healthy, we’ll continue to work towards improving the Achievement experience to bring you closer towards your individual health goals.  Any thoughts on our new look/feel? Let us know what you think and what you’d like to see!