What are the health studies?

Achievement partners with organizations to run health-related studies that we offer to our members which are completely optional. It is up to our members' discretion whether or not to participate. The type of studies we run vary both in subject matter and time commitment. 

Why should I participate in the health studies?

Members that participate in health-related studies can earn extra points and rewards; some past studies have resulted in rewards totaling more than $200 in value. Also, members that participate in the health-studies should be proud that they are contributing to the health and medical knowledge base that will ultimately allow people to live healthier and happier lives!

How do I participate?

Through our web portal, members can click on the Offers tab on their Achievement dashboard to access the current available studies and opportunities. To learn more about Offers, please view What are offers and how can I participate?

We also update our users about health studies via email. To receive the emails about the health-related studies, you must have the notifications on in Communications under the Account tab. To learn more about how to update your settings, please view How do I change my settings?

How do I qualify for the studies?

Because each of the studies are different, the criteria for each one also varies. Once you've filled out the screener you will be notified whether or not you qualify to participate in that particular study. If you do not qualify, don't worry! There will be more studies in the future. 

If you have any further questions about the health-related studies, please Contact Us